Feelings of Guilt

Spot Emotional Distress Early for a Better COPD Prognosis

It’s difficult to stay upbeat with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) — that’s no secret. Struggling with breathing difficulties, lifestyle changes, and general weakness can sour your mood. But while it’s common to have some “down” days, when those sad feelings begin to multiply, it’s time to meet the challenge head-on.

Depression can begin slowly, but it will turn your life upside down before you realize it. When you live with COPD, the danger is double-edged: not only will your depressed state interfere with your self-care, it can physically aggravate your pain and discomfort, too.

Keep an eye out for these early signs of depression, so you can get treatment started and avoid emotional catastrophe.

1. Irritability

Everyone goes through irritable phases, especially when the stress of life and your disease are interfering with your schedule. However, ongoing irritability and moodiness can also point to a hormone imbalance, which is a known source of clinical depression.

If you find yourself getting annoyed at the slightest event, and irritability quickly escalates into anger and frustration, it’s time to take a closer look. Depression doesn’t always manifest through tears and sadness; it’s a complex web of mood changes that can favor less common symptoms.

Men are more likely to experience anger and irritability, while women are often feel more sadness and helplessness.

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