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Managing Your COPD for a Happy and Relaxed Holiday Season

The holidays make the winter so much easier to handle, but when you struggle to breathe easily, your worry, pain, and lack of confidence can prevent you from enjoying all the wonderful things the season has to offer.

Dozens of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) triggers can pop up as you deck the halls, and unfortunately, planning and coordinating celebrations can be more stressful than you had hoped. Fortunately, there are several ways to balance work and rest, protect against the season’s airway irritants, and leave you with enough energy to make it through the holidays with COPD comfortably.

1. Clean Ornaments and Decorations Right Away

When you unpack your Christmas decorations, you may not realize just how much dust they’ve gathered over the last year. Opening the boxes could unleash a cloud of lung irritants, so prepare for the task by taking a puff of your inhaler, wearing a mask to block particles, and wiping each piece down with a soft cloth before you put it on display.

Fresh Christmas trees can also pose some problems for anyone with lung conditions. If you’re keen on a real tree, hose it down as soon as you bring it home to get rid of pollen, mold, and other plant allergens, then let it dry thoroughly in the garage before you bring it inside.

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